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Hereditary disputes

Attorneys services department

Attorneys Services Department of URVISTA Company is a team of professionals with a wealth of expertise in all fields of jurisprudence. The scope of services that You may request from this department is as extensive as the multitude of legal relations arising in the day-to-day life of citizens and in the course of legal entites' activity.

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Accrual of title to real estate by way of succession is obviously not the most cheerful opportunity among all other scenarios. It is often the case that facing hard times the heirs are emotionally drained and cannot think about material and earthly concerns.

And the first problem arises out of the foregoing: notwithstanding a statutory six-month period the heirs are too slow when asserting their rights. Meanwhile, very few people understand that they may finally lose their property.

The second problem is that similarly to any issues at the same time related to real estate and family relations, misunderstanding and conflict situations may arise in the struggle for rights to estate. Timely interference of a lawyer may not only deescalate tension between the family members but also spare Your nerves and preserve the square meters You are entitled to.

We are willing to help You to ascertain the fact of acceptance of succession, to revive an expired period for acceptance of succession, to distribute estate among the heirs and to obtain the heirship under a court judgement.

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Attorneys services department