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Real estate, land disputes

Attorneys services department

Attorneys Services Department of URVISTA Company is a team of professionals with a wealth of expertise in all fields of jurisprudence. The scope of services that You may request from this department is as extensive as the multitude of legal relations arising in the day-to-day life of citizens and in the course of legal entites' activity.

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Variety of legal relations in the sphere of real estate causes the apperance of a similar variety of legal proceedings applying in case of "excessive" square meters, disputed land plot boundaries or imposition of a penalty fee on the developer. And this is just a small share of causes of litigation.

Experts of our team are the first to know that the required case outcome is assured not only by a statement of claim prepared by a knowledgeable person but also by pre-court dispute resolution procedure. Therefore, we may render qualitative and comprehensive services to conduct the proceedings from claim settlement to the last instance stages.

You may feel secure, if we handle Your case related to:

  • registration of title under co-investment contracts or title to unwarranted construction and separation of property in a court of law;
  • declaring a transaction invalid or terminating an agreement in a judicial procedure;
  • accommodation of boundaries of a land plot;
  • reclamation of real estate property from another's adverse possession;
  • division of a land plot or apportionment of participatory share of common property;
  • and rendering many other services.
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Attorneys services department