12 декабря 2021

В 2021 году URVISTA заняла 38 место в Федеральном рэнкинге ПРАВО-300 по выручке, войдя таким образом в ТОП-50 лучших юридических компаний России в данной категории.

В 2021 году URVISTA отмечена в Федеральном рэнкинге ПРАВО-300 по выручке на юриста (категория менее 30 юристов). Компания заняла 23 место и вошла, таким образом, в ТОП-25 лучших юридических компаний России по выручке на юриста.

В 2021 году URVISTA отмечена в Федеральном рэйтинге ПРАВО-300 среди лидеров в сфере интеллектуальной собственности: «Регистрация» (3 группа) и «Консалтинг» (4 группа).

ПАО Сбербанк
14 сентября 2018

Юридическая компания URVISTA стала победителем в конкурсе среди партнеров Московского банка ПАО Сбербанк в номинации «ПЛАТИНА».

12 декабря 2016

ТОП-50 юридических компаний по количеству юристов

12 декабря 2015

ТОП-50 юридических компаний по размеру выручки

ТОП-50 юридических компаний по количеству юристов

Taxes and economic issues

Attorneys services department

Attorneys Services Department of URVISTA Company is a team of professionals with a wealth of expertise in all fields of jurisprudence. The scope of services that You may request from this department is as extensive as the multitude of legal relations arising in the day-to-day life of citizens and in the course of legal entites' activity.

About service

Tax legislation in Russia is an industry sector which is more often subject to material changes and not every lawyer is able to puzzle it out.

Issues related to taxes and levies include not only an enormous number of contradicting regulations which shall be kept in mind by the top officials and accountants of the company but also involve huge fines, substantial surcharges in case of incorrect assessment of taxes, tax audits and a threat to be handed a sentence in case of error.

The situation gets more complicated due to another two factors contributing to the foregoing: first, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs must assess taxes on their own, often against absence of any uniformity of law-enforcement practice, second, the burden of proving innocence with regard to tax offences and/or crimes shall be imposed on the suspect, provided that it does not matter: whether the suspect is a legal entity or an individual.

It is becoming more commonplace for tax authorities to impose liability for offences which occured more than three years ago. And it is sometimes the case that one incompetent answer to such claim becomes ground for recognition of an offence, while it could be avoided due to expiry of limitation period.

Experts of our company strongly recommend to resolve the issues of taxation and tax load optimization only with professionals with our team belonging among them. We possess the most relevant information including recent trends. For instance, we do not recommend to refer to article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Such supposedly harmless step will forthwith make You guilty in the eyes of a tax inspector.

We provide tax advice, support inspections held by tax and law-enforcement structures, in particular, during interrogations and surveys, we efficiently defend the clients upon institution of criminal proceedings as well as support You through bankruptcy process.

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Attorneys services department