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International projects department

The International Project Department of URVISTA Law Company provides a full range of services for registration and support of business abroad at all stages, including opening accounts in foreign banks and payment systems, obtaining licenses for various types of economic activities, registration and support of transactions, consulting on foreign currency and tax legislation.

Expertise and high level of service make it possible to implement even the most challenging tasks of our customers in the shortest time possible.

We provide full legal support for the activities of a foreign company at all stages, enabling you to reduce time and financial costs, optimize the work of the company and allow for the most effective development of your business.

To conduct its business efficiently, a company often needs: trademark registration abroad, VAT registration, EORI registration, receipt of various documents and extracts from corporate and trade registers, organization of the actual presence and hiring of employees in the country of company registration, accreditation of representative offices in the territory of the Russian Federation and much more.

Depending on the country, where the company was registered, services for the legalization of constituent and other documents may be required. Documents will not be considered properly executed without this procedure, and the translation will not be accepted by the competent authorities even if notarization of the translation correctness is available. We render services in translation of documents from/into foreign languages, notarization of translation, as well as legalization of documents in the country of the company registration.

Contact our lawyers of the International Projects Department for any services "with a foreign element", and we will make you on offer satisfying with its content and cost.

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International projects department