12 декабря 2021

В 2021 году URVISTA заняла 38 место в Федеральном рэнкинге ПРАВО-300 по выручке, войдя таким образом в ТОП-50 лучших юридических компаний России в данной категории.

В 2021 году URVISTA отмечена в Федеральном рэнкинге ПРАВО-300 по выручке на юриста (категория менее 30 юристов). Компания заняла 23 место и вошла, таким образом, в ТОП-25 лучших юридических компаний России по выручке на юриста.

В 2021 году URVISTA отмечена в Федеральном рэйтинге ПРАВО-300 среди лидеров в сфере интеллектуальной собственности: «Регистрация» (3 группа) и «Консалтинг» (4 группа).

ПАО Сбербанк
14 сентября 2018

Юридическая компания URVISTA стала победителем в конкурсе среди партнеров Московского банка ПАО Сбербанк в номинации «ПЛАТИНА».

12 декабря 2016

ТОП-50 юридических компаний по количеству юристов

12 декабря 2015

ТОП-50 юридических компаний по размеру выручки

ТОП-50 юридических компаний по количеству юристов

Business activities licensing

Licensing, self-regulating organizations and certification department

The Licensing, SROs and Certification Department has been successfully operating as part of URVISTA law firm since 2005. Over the past fourteen years, our clients have been granted more than a thousand licenses, certificates, approvals and extracts from SRO registry, other permits. While acting in the field, under conditions of dynamically developing legislation and establishing legal enforcement in the area of self-regulation, licensing and certification, our lawyers have accumulated rich practical experience in solving complex and non-standard tasks.

Competent specialists from the Licensing, SROs and Certification Department provide professional legal support to small, medium, and large businesses (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs), which activity requires issuing licensing permits, either under the current legislation or with the view of increasing company competitiveness in the market.


  • promptly and competently carry out the tasks assigned to us;
  • cooperate only with trusted professionals in the field of self-regulation and certification;
  • are able to reach an understanding with officials of licensing and regulatory authorities;
  • are well aware of the peculiarities of the current legislation and legal enforcement practice in our area of activity;
  • always work in the legal framework and only for an achievable result;
  • find the optimal legal solution in any situation, even the most complex one;
  • guarantee the maximum level of comfort for every client.

The initial consultation with a department specialist is always free. An experienced lawyer answers all the client's questions. When contacting us repeatedly, the client will be provided with discounts and other bonuses.

About service

According to the law, for conducting certain types of entrepreneurial activities, you must obtain licenses and execute other permits. URVISTA law firm has been successfully providing licensing services for different types of business activities since 2005. We are always ready to provide our clients with prompt and professional legal support, taking into account the peculiarities of their business and regardless of the complexity of the tasks assigned.

Apply for URVISTA's legal assistance when obtaining a license for the right to carry out the type of activity you need and enjoy the following benefits:

  • professional free of charge consultation from our specialist on all issues related to obtaining permits;
  • legal review of documents to appraise their compliance with the requirements of the relevant licensing authority;
  • on-site examination of the licensed premises for compliance with the requirements of the current legislation;
  • acceleration of the procedures related to obtaining notarial services;
  • assistance in preparing and submitting a set of documents for the licensing procedure;
  • professional advice on successful passing an on-site inspection conducted by the licensing authority;
  • legal support from our experienced lawyer during the on-site inspection by the licensing authority;
  • permits (licenses) without a personal visit to the licensing authority;
  • minimization of legal and financial risks.

Depending on the scope of your business, we will promptly and in compliance with all the current laws help you to obtain:

  • alcohol license (for retail trade);
  • educational license;
  • medical license;
  • housing and communal services license;
  • restoration license;
  • fire-fighter license from the Ministry of Emergencies;
  • license to access state secrets from the FSB;
  • other permits needed for your activities.

Our specialists will take care of all the communication and procedural nuances, which will allow you to significantly save time and spend it on organizing and developing your business.

The detailed information on obtaining licenses, current prices and additional services is available on the website of the Licensing, SROs and Certification Department of URVISTA law firm.

Learn more

Find the full list of services of the department «Licensing, self-regulating organizations
 and certification» and their prices by simply clicking on the link to the website of the department. There you will also find answers to frequently asked questions about the department's specialization, articles and news, a selection of videos and other valuable materials. The information on the department's website is structured in the most convenient form.

Get answers to all available questions by filling in the application «Order a call».

Licensing, self-regulating organizations and certification department