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Computer programs and databases

Patenting department

The URVISTA Patenting Department focuses on a diverse range of activities related to intellectual property. We perform a wide variety of functions: ranging from coordination of the possibility to deposit copyright to the protection and patenting of the high-tech development, which is based on our long-term experience. The Patenting Department team includes highly professional specialists who find a non-standard professional approach to each extraordinary situation.

We have an individual approach to each client and try to provide our clients with comprehensive support and protection on any legal matters.

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A computer program is a description of a task algorithm written in one or more programming languages. Computer programs may include programs, applications, and other subjects. A database is a collection of independent materials systematized in such a manner that they can be processed with a computer.

The certificate of a computer program or database registration additionally proves your authorship in the event of its contestation and when working with foreign partners. Besides, the certificate is necessary to smoothly pass the procedure for entry into the domestic software registry.

Our experts will evaluate the program free of charge based on the filled-in questionnaire, correct all essential legal matters that may lead to a refusal to register a computer and carry out a full cycle of preparatory procedures before submitting application documents until the certificate issuance. Besides, we provide a full range of legal support for programs: we prepare contracts, including commissioning, licensing and alienation agreements, challenge infringed rights, etc.

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Patenting department