12 декабря 2021

В 2021 году URVISTA заняла 38 место в Федеральном рэнкинге ПРАВО-300 по выручке, войдя таким образом в ТОП-50 лучших юридических компаний России в данной категории.

В 2021 году URVISTA отмечена в Федеральном рэнкинге ПРАВО-300 по выручке на юриста (категория менее 30 юристов). Компания заняла 23 место и вошла, таким образом, в ТОП-25 лучших юридических компаний России по выручке на юриста.

В 2021 году URVISTA отмечена в Федеральном рэйтинге ПРАВО-300 среди лидеров в сфере интеллектуальной собственности: «Регистрация» (3 группа) и «Консалтинг» (4 группа).

ПАО Сбербанк
14 сентября 2018

Юридическая компания URVISTA стала победителем в конкурсе среди партнеров Московского банка ПАО Сбербанк в номинации «ПЛАТИНА».

12 декабря 2016

ТОП-50 юридических компаний по количеству юристов

12 декабря 2015

ТОП-50 юридических компаний по размеру выручки

ТОП-50 юридических компаний по количеству юристов

Cadastral registration

Real estate registration department

URVISTA Real Estate Registration Department is a team of most experienced lawyers employing a professional approach to the accomplishment of any real estate related tasks. Undertaking any project we not only understand the full responsibility of lawyersfor the outcome, we vest the relevant financial guarantees in contractual relations with customers.

Over the years of successful work with both small items and large complexes the department experts have proved that there are no lose-lose situations, the main thing is to be able to surpass patterns and to estimate all risks to meet all challenges.

The scope of services which may be rendered to You by Real Estate Registration Department experts is as wide as a multitude of relations arising in this field.

About service

Cadastral registration as an independent procedure shall precede any real estate transactions and by its nature constitutes entry of information on a facility to the state register of real estate.

For instance, You have built a residential house on the land plot owned by You, You need to determine and to report to the register all its characteristics including: area, number of storeys, purpose and other. Following the results of cadastral registration the facility is assigned a unique cadastral number.

In case any of these characteristics is changed, the information in the state register of real estate shall be adjusted accordingly. If a facility ceases to exist, it shall be deregistered.

Cadastral registration must be accomplished in relation to the formed but not previously registered facility upon construction of a building, division it into premises, separation of a room in a building or apartment and in other cases.
 It may seem very simple but, for one thing, each case is so individual that You cannot do without an expert, and, secondly, cadastral register is a kind of ephemeral notion for a common person, something in-between geodesy and registration of rights. The problem is accentuated by the fact that since 2017 formerly two separate registers - the register of rights to real estate and the state cadastral register - have been consolidated.

Experts of our firm will help to gain an insight into all the issues of cadastral registration of interest to You, including correction of cadastral errors, if You have already attempted some actions on Your own.

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Real estate registration department