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Support of real estate transactions and title registration

Real estate registration department

URVISTA Real Estate Registration Department is a team of most experienced lawyers employing a professional approach to the accomplishment of any real estate related tasks. Undertaking any project we not only understand the full responsibility of lawyersfor the outcome, we vest the relevant financial guarantees in contractual relations with customers.

Over the years of successful work with both small items and large complexes the department experts have proved that there are no lose-lose situations, the main thing is to be able to surpass patterns and to estimate all risks to meet all challenges.

The scope of services which may be rendered to You by Real Estate Registration Department experts is as wide as a multitude of relations arising in this field.

About service

Real estate transaction, both purchase and sale transactions, is a complicated and many-component process. Each of its steps has its own pitfalls, particular aspects and unspoken rules. Legal support of transactions enables our customers to go through each stage hand in hand with a practicing lawyer who knows every turn, footpath and rock on this way.

We offer our customers comprehensive services:

  • completion of due diligence for a real estate item with submission of an official legal opinion;
  • negotiations with the contractor and its representatives;
  • execution of advance payment agreement and making available office premises for such payment;
  • preparation of the contract relevant for the situation and arrangement for its signing and settlement of accounts;
  • submission of documents for state registration and their receipt thereafter;
  • «closing» of the transaction in the bank.

Transaction support often requires engagement of a real estate broker or agent. We strongly recommend to separate the processes of sale and purchase, in particular, search for an item or buyer, from securing the transaction and request legal transaction support from experts whose fees are not dependent on the transaction success.

Our service will be equally interesting for sellers and buyers of real estate as well as real estate brokers and agents who want to secure their customers.

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Real estate registration department