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Technical record-keeping

Real estate registration department

URVISTA Real Estate Registration Department is a team of most experienced lawyers employing a professional approach to the accomplishment of any real estate related tasks. Undertaking any project we not only understand the full responsibility of lawyersfor the outcome, we vest the relevant financial guarantees in contractual relations with customers.

Over the years of successful work with both small items and large complexes the department experts have proved that there are no lose-lose situations, the main thing is to be able to surpass patterns and to estimate all risks to meet all challenges.

The scope of services which may be rendered to You by Real Estate Registration Department experts is as wide as a multitude of relations arising in this field.

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Notwithstanding material changes made by Federal Law No. 218 on the state registration which annihilated technical passport, cadastral certificate, cadastral plan and certificate of state registration, these technical records from time to time come up within the legal framework.

Thus, for instance, anyone who took out a mortgage to buy a flat or sold an apartment under a mortgage agreement knows what a floor plan and breakdown of premises mean and what they are required for.

The first fiddle instead of almost obsolete technical records is at the present day played by a technical plan.

The technical plan may be required:

  • upon construction of a new facility, to be precise - upon registration of rights to a new real estate item;
  • upon deregistration of a liquidated real estate item;
  • upon introduction of amendments to the technical characteristics of facility, in case of change of its parameters as a result of alterations, reconstruction etc.;
  • if necessary, to assign a structure to the land plot under cadastral records.

As the situations when the technical plan is a mandatory document are not restricted by the stated cases, its relevance and importance of an appropriately prepared technical plan are enormous.

The experts of our company may resolve all these and any other issues in collaboration with cadastral engineers giving Your problem and its details the consideration they deserve.

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Real estate registration department