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All-inclusive service

Your company’s lawyer is the first person (after the accountant) able to destroy your business.

Petropolsky Alexey Igorevich
Director General and Co-owner of the company URVISTA

A company director almost always faces the choice of engaging either a full-time lawyer on payroll or an outsourced legal department. Having almost the entire staff of lawyers, we have escaped such a fate and can help you with this.

Our employees boast such a vast range of professional competences in in so many areas, that we can become your legal department regardless of the type of your business.

Would you like to entrust us only with corporate business support? You are welcome. Does your lawyer not plead cases? The barrister's department is at your service. If you want services in several areas and on favorable terms, opt for the premium service option. Do you like to give absolutely no thought about salaries, deductions, workplace arrangement, sick leaves, and holidays? This is precisely why we offer subscription services.

Whichever you choose, we guarantee that you will receive qualified and timely legal assistance.