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Bankruptcy and arbitration management

Attorneys services department

Attorneys Services Department of URVISTA Company is a team of professionals with a wealth of expertise in all fields of jurisprudence. The scope of services that You may request from this department is as extensive as the multitude of legal relations arising in the day-to-day life of citizens and in the course of legal entites' activity.

About service

After appearance of bankruptcy procedure applying not only to companies and individual entrepreneurs but also to individuals the relevance of competent support ot this process and demand for such services have increased multi-fold.

The bankruptcy process itself is a very risky process. Thus, when the situation involves large debts owed to the budget, there is a threat for the debtor of being brought to both subsidiary and criminal liability. The person supporting the bankruptcy process and his literacy determine success of the case.

You may both step into the shoes of a debtor unable to pay any accrued debts and of a creditor who longs to get its money back from an unlucky debtor.

You may get not only advice on any issues and support of certain processes but also a "turnkey" support of Your bankruptcy case addressing the experts and lawyers of URVISTA Legal Company.

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Attorneys services department