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Criminal cases

Attorneys services department

Attorneys Services Department of URVISTA Company is a team of professionals with a wealth of expertise in all fields of jurisprudence. The scope of services that You may request from this department is as extensive as the multitude of legal relations arising in the day-to-day life of citizens and in the course of legal entites' activity.

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Everyone knows that only an attorney may represent the interests of a criminal defendant or criminal suspect. This is not surprising as the price paid in such cases is like nowhere high and cannot be assessed in material terms.

The categories of criminal cases requiring legal assistance are numerous: financial crimes, personal crimes, money laundering, crimes against person, against public safety and public order.

Attorneys of our law office are ready to defend You in a criminal trial joining the case at any stage. Participation of an attorney in case of criminal prosecution is relevant not only before the court but also during interrogations, investigative experiments and procedures because the attorney may derail a case in court based on defects of proceedings. And most experienced attorneys may even settle a lawsuit amicably.

Moreover, legislation grants a legal opportunity for many categories of criminal cases to terminate criminal prosecution upon satisfaction of certain conditions or to expunge a conviction ahead of time under an amnesty procedure.

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Attorneys services department