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Legchenkova Olga Olegovna

Legchenkova Olga Olegovna

A specialist no longer works in the company
Accounting services department

Business accounting support is an important area of activity for our company.

We are eager to share the totality of our experience in the field of tax accounting and bookkeeping with anybody seeking our help! Our experts are continuously improving their professional skills to upgrade their knowledge and expertise. We keep records of entrepreneurs filling various industry niches and we are safe to speak of deep knowledge in diverse business spheres with varied specific features.


Higher educational institution: Russian State University for the Humanities (2011-2016). Specialty: Economist.

Professional activity

Professional experience: since 2003.

From 2003 till 2018 she has occupied the position of the State Tax Inspector. Her main duties included: performance of desk examination of tax returns of legal entities, ensuring the observance of dates and compliance with procedures of bringing taxpayers to tax and administrative responsibility; bringing taxpayers who did not submit the tax returns (calculations) within the term determined by the tax laws to tax and administrative responsibility; conducting pre-inspection analysis of activity of taxpayers; conducting preliminary activities of tax control; analysis of inspection tests performed concerning taxpayers; and participation in examination of objections (explanations) of taxpayers regarding the acts of desk tax examinations.

From 2019 till present she has been occupying the position of the accounting assistant of Accounting Services Department of the URVISTA Legal Company. Her main duties in the company include: Tax consulting, entering primary documents to the 1C program and section keeping (cash desk, bank, arrival and sales of goods, works and services and preparation of returns/declarations).